Baptism in water is the next step for anyone who has decided to follow Jesus. It’s a public profession of your faith. It’s a milestone moment on your faith journey, and here at Pine Hills Church it’s a major celebration!

In the first century the term baptism meant “identification.” In fact the term was used of a clothier in ancient days. When he took a white garment and dipped it into a scarlet dye, he was said to have “baptized” the garment. Baptizo was the term used when he “changed its identity.”

When we give up control of our lives to Jesus Christ, it is a personal act on our part. While baptism isn’t essential for salvation, it announces publicly to everyone that we have surrendered to a new authority in our lives and are now identified as a Christ follower—we want everyone to know.

Baptism, as practiced here at Pine Hills Church, is a public declaration, saying: I belong to Jesus Christ. I identify with His death for me. And by being raised from the water, I identify with a new kind of life that I could never live on my own. By His power I will be able to experience new life. I’ve been born again. I am a new creation!

Why Should I be baptized?

Next Steps for Believer’s Baptism at PHC

Contact the church office, 260.637.3198 about your interest or email Attend the next Believer’s Baptism Class to learn more about taking this next step.