Authentic Community – Life Together Groups at PHC

Life Together Groups at Pine Hills Church are simply basic Christian communities … people who are seeking to do life together. Life Together Groups are where people come to know God and experience His presence; and where they come to know each other and cultivate authentic community. In these small groups, people learn what it means to love each other, encourage each other, serve each other, and challenge each other. Life Together Groups are not only places of belonging, they are places of becoming. They are relational environments where people are free to be real with one another … where a group of people can learn to live, love, and lead like Jesus.

As the church family grows, so does the need for each person to be assimilated into God’s design for authentic community. Life Together Groups are an ideal place for people to get involved. Life Together Groups are also a place where people will be challenged to grow in their walk with Christ, find accountability, experience one-on-one discipleship, and be challenged to use their gifts in ministry.

Doing Life Together

Life Together Groups give each person a spiritual family with whom to share their joys, sorrows, victories and needs. God created us for relationships and never intended for any of us to go at it alone. One of the key reasons you should get involved in a Life Together Group is because everyone needs meaningful relationships and friendships in their lives, including you. Life Together Groups offer a safe, comfortable, stress-free place where you can meet new people, make new friends, learn something new, and grow spiritually in a relational environment.

How Do I Get Involved In A Life Together Group?

• Someone invites you to be a part of their group
• You request to be a part of a Life Together Group by signing up at the Connection Pointe
• Make request on a Worship Guide Connection Card
• Call the church office at (260) 637-3198
• Host a Life Together Group yourself.

Please feel free to contact Colleen Senestraro and let us help you experience authentic community through Life Together Groups at Pine Hills Church.

Phone: 260-637-3198 x 2700