Connect To PHC

We are excited about what God is doing at PHC; spiritual and personal growth, solid biblical teaching from the Word, life change, healed marriages, generational connection and so much more. Because we want you to CONNECT to this community of Christ-followers and all that is happening here at “The Hills”, we want to make your NEXT STEPS easy.



    • Visit the Connection Pointe: a place to meet others and ask questions to help you get connected, located near the front entrance.
    • Dinner with Pastor Mike and Lillian: check out the worship guide for upcoming dates.


    • Fill out a CONNECT CARD and take it to the Connection Pointe and they can best guide you in your next steps.


  • Sign-up to attend a one-time gathering in Connection Class 101: a more intentional gathering about PHC, its Core Values and what you can expect being part of this community of Christ-followers.

Connect To Membership

If you feel the Spirit has led you to connect with PHC in the deepest way, we encourage you to ultimately connect to PHC through membership. Here’s why and how …


  • We consider membership important as it says that you embrace being “ALL-IN”, are earnest about the Core Values, and want to align yourself with being part of God’s epic story at PHC.


  • After attending Connection Class 101 and completing that process, then your next step is the membership class. In this class we will discuss expectations of members, the Church Covenant and meet with elders of PHC. This class is offered every other month. To see the next available time check our online calendar.
  • Believer’s Baptism: is a vital part of being a member at PHC, whether you participate in it here or have done so elsewhere. For more info please see our thorough treatment under the heading Believer’s Baptism.

Connect To Serving

It takes a lot of people, ministry partners, to do what we do for the weekend experience and throughout the week. With our Core Values
… driving vision
… fueling passion
… aligning ministries and
… uniting the Body
we faithfully serve all those who call PHC their home and beyond. EVERY PERSON is needed because we know EVERY PERSON is a “10” somewhere. How can you serve in an area of interest?
SUBMIT this simple and quick Serve Interest Sheet, so we can begin to seek a place for you to serve.


ATTEND a one-time meet, “Connect to Serve” orientation, offered once a month.
• Who are Ministry Partners
• Basic overall ministry orientation
• Serve Interest Sheet
• Serving opportunities

Connect To God

PHC is excited about walking your spiritual journey with you. As you desire to grow and mature in your faith we are intentional about providing various avenues for your personal growth. ONE of the ways you can do this is by participating in a BASIC discipleship track of classes called Connection Classes. These classes are…

Connection 201: Habits of a Growing Christian is designed to help the believer to develop the habits of how to study the Bible, prayer, fellowship, share your faith and other habits to propel your growth deeper. (Connection Class 101 is not required for take this class)

Connection 301: Discovering My Ministry. Each Christ-follower is a unique and integral part of God’s story. A greater understanding of this will be provided through; teaching, guidance and assessments to discover how God has wired and created you for ministry. (Connection Class 201 is a pre-req. for this class)

Connection 401: My Personal Mission is the last of the Connection Classes. The ultimate goal is for the participant to go through a process of scripture readings, reflections, additional book readings and assignments to formulate a personal mission statement. This God-led statement gives the individual a focus for purpose and mission in life and ministry.

(Other classes: Bible/Theology, Spiritual Practices and Equipping Classes are offered through Adult Ministries or contact Pastor David Martin, Spiritual Formation at

At ANY step of the way you desire to CONNECT, as we want to connect to you, contact for further assistance.