Passion For God’s Glory

Here are some phrases that describe the value system of this world: survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog, lie-cheat-and-steal, step on whoever you must in order to reach the top of the heap. It’s a rat race, a scramble to be in the lime-light, to get the corner office, the by-line, the fifteen minutes of fame, to build a brand, an image, and he who dies with the most toys wins. Our culture celebrates the cult of personality, style, the proud, the strong, the influential, and it tramples or turns its nose up at the meek, the weak, the humble and the poor in spirit.

But in God’s economy, the above priorities are all turned upside-down. Blessed are the meek, He says; God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. It is not my personal glory, but only God’s glory that matters. After all, God is by definition, by His character and by His nature, the greatest possible Being. If any greater existed; then, God would not be God. So, it follows, then, that we be passionate about giving glory to Him. It is all about God being recognized for who He is.

This simple question, “Is it God-honoring?” should serve as the filter for all of our decisions. It determines our priorities, provides our motivation, and maintains our focus. And, therefore, honoring God ought to be evidenced in every facet of our lives: managing our finances, loving our spouses, serving people around us, working under the authority of others, doing the dishes in the kitchen sink. Nothing is too small or too mundane to fall outside of this mandate – nothing. It is an integrated, lifestyle of worship bringing glory and honor to God. All of life is from Him, through Him, and back to Him.

A Passion for God’s Glory is a Core Value of Pine Hills Church because Christ has commanded it, Christ paid the price for us so that we could do it and Christ, who is God, is worthy of all glory. Why else would we look to live our lives to bring honor and glory to God, save that He is worthy of it?


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  • Rom. 12: 1, 2
  • 1 Cor. 10: 31
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